a Midwife's Kaleidoscope is a licensed, professional midwifery team offering accessible, comprehensive and respectful care for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, fertility planning, annual exams, pap smears, and STI/HIV testing. We are a trauma informed, LGBTQ friendly, youth friendly practice that centers around harm reduction, empowerment, education and informed choice. We welcome all pregnant people no matter income, age, gender, race, sexuality, ability, size, housing status, substance use, or immigration status. Services are always provided on an income based sliding scale or donation, so that everyone has the same opportunity to access quality midwifery care.


Check out our services, fees, frequently asked questions, classes and information and referral pages and learn a little about us. Want to chat, have more questions, or want to see if we are a match and if you will call us your Phoenix midwife? Feel free to call us at 623-206-8531 or email for a free, initial consultation. 

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