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Ada Johnson

Student Midwife, Assistant

Sarah Butterfly

Midwife, CPM, LM

Sarah believes that people are capable of being responsible for their own health care including getting informed and making healthcare choices that are relevant to their life; that comprehensive midwifery care should be accessible to every body; that pregnancy, birth and postpartum rarely require intervention; that the midwife's job is to be a guide and guardian of a safe and normal birth process only intervening when needed; that birth is a sacred and personal experience; and that people have the opportunity to transform through their birthing process.


In addition to walking her path as a midwife, Sarah's study and work has always centered around the health, well-being and rights of people who identify as women. Her prior studies include a BA in Women and Gender Studies and BA in Anthropology, as well as a Masters of Public Health Administration. She has worked as a birth doula, certified breastfeeding counselor, registered yoga teacher, and non-profit administrator.

(Ada is on personal leave for a bit, but we have great assistants filling in for her.)


Ada is a student on the long and winding road to becoming a midwife. She has been interested in midwifery for the past fourteen years and has been learning and participating in various health settings for women and transgender folks since that time. She has over a decade of experience in community health education.


Currently, Ada is a birth assistant at a Midwife’s Kaleidoscope as well as teaches childbirth education, and is a doula. As an assistant and a doula, Ada enjoys supporting people through their birth process and being part of the holding of a space that allows for their own individualized experience. She offers trauma-informed support and encourages informed choice, harm reduction, and  self-love in her birthwork and wellness care.


Ada was trained by CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) to teach childbirth education classes, and through self-study and her experiences as a birth worker has developed her own unique teachings style which focused on community-building. She has been influenced by Birthing from Within and Penny Simkin’s work, incorporating these tools into her childbirth education classes.


Ada is committed to the growth and acceptance of all families and is dedicated to making birth and wellness care accessible for all people.

Sarah is a midwife trained in the care of clients and their babies through normal prenatal, birth and postpartum care as well as providing wellness services, STI/HIV testing, and routine annual exams. She learned midiwfery through a traditional apprenticeship model working with two LMs each with over 15 years midwifery experience.  She is a Licensed Midwife (LM), regulated by ADHS and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), licensed through NARM.


Sarah has attended between one and four births a month since licensing. She is a second generation midwife as her mother was a midwife in the 70s and 80s. The first birth Sarah 'attended' was at age 4 when her sister was born in their family home.

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