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Birth Tub Rental

Water can be a great place to relax during labor and/or during birth. Water allows the laboring parent the opportunity to suspend the weight of their body during contractions. Warm water has also been shown to soften the tissues, decreasing the liklihood of tearing during birth. Water birth provides a gentle transition for baby as they first experience the sensations of life out of womb. The baby receives oxygen from the placenta and umbilical cord and do not take their first breaths until they are lifted out of the water.

The Aqua Doula is a heated birth tub that maintains a constant water temperature. It is the perfect size for two adults at 4'6" diameter and 2' deep, and has a padded floor. Each tub comes with it's own personal liner and is well sanitized between uses. 


Heated birth tub rentals are $300. Tub delivered three weeks before your due date. To reserve your a tub or if you have questions, call Ada at 510-590-1231 or email

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