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A comprehensive 6-week course dedicated to giving you the information and support you need in order to have the most empowering and transformative birth experience possible. Join us in this unbiased, nonjudgmental, empowerment-oriented space to connect with other pregnant parents and families and learn about the full spectrum of options available to you during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

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Common experiences and discomforts in pregnancy Common prenatal procedures and tests Birth preparation The birth experience (including physical changes and emotional responses) Comfort measures and relief during labor How to be a good labor support person

Unexpected outcomes Newborn care and common newborn procedures Postpartum care for birthing parent Breastfeeding childbirth education phoenix childbirth education arizona childbirth education natural 



Classes are scheduled according to enrollement interest. If you are interestest in attending CBE, please call or email Ada Johnson at 510-590-1231 or



$150 for you and your partner or chosen support . If this fee is a barrier to you attending this class, please, please contact the instructor and we can work something out. 


Why Should I take Childbirth Education?

Throughout Ada's experience attending many births as a doula, midwifery apprentice and midwifery assistant, she sees time and time again that parents who are prepared, who know their options, and who have been connected to other pregnant families have better birth experiences. When you know the full range of options available to you, you can better choose what you do and don’t want and voice that to your care provider and support people.


You will come away from this class not only with education about your options, but also with greater connection to available support resources and an increased ability to advocate for yourself and your baby during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This class is geared specifically to people planning a homebirth, though many of the skills and information taught apply to birth in any situation.  



Classes are taught by Ada Johnson, a Midwife's Kaleidoscope midwifery assistant. Ada is committed to the growth and acceptance of all families and is dedicated to making birth and her childbirth education classes accessible for all people. She welcomes and encourages lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, and polyamorous parents and families.  for more info about Ada, click here



To register, simply fill out the form and click the 'pay now' button below. If you have questions or would rather register by talking to a person, call or email Ada Johnson at 510-590-1231 or

Course Content:

  • Nutrition and exercise in pregnancy

  • Common experiences and discomforts in pregnancy

  • Common prenatal procedures and tests

  • Birth preparation

  • The birth experience (including physical changes and emotional responses)

  • Comfort measures and relief during labor

  • How to be a good labor support person

  • Unexpected outcomes

  • Newborn care and common newborn procedures

  • Postpartum care for birthing parent

  • Breastfeeding

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