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Classes, Workshops, Groups

We offer various workshops and support groups from time to time. If you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop or would like more information about our classes or support groups, please email or call 623-206-8531.


Group Prenatal Visits

  • Group prenatal visits include the usual clinical aspects of any prenatal visit, a pot luck brunch, discussion, and a chance for some of you to get to know each other. Bring a dish to share. These group prenatal visits are for current aMK clients. Pregnant people only please; partners and other children (except babes in arms) are kindly asked to go play at the park. If you are interested, talk to your midwife.


Family Dinners

  • About once a quarter, we hold family dinner get together for current and past clients of a Midwife's Kaleidoscope or those interested in learning more about our practice. This is an informal, pot luck style, family friendly dinner for people to build community and get support from each other during pregnancy and after birth. We offer a space to come together, share food, play and experience. Please send your name and contact information to or 623-206-8531 if you would like to join us and we will let you know when the next get together is scheduled.



  • All it takes to hold a workshop is a space and at least 6 participants. Workshops can be help in your home, community center, or office. Donations are accepted, but not required. If you would like to host one of the workshops below, or if you have an idea on another workshop you's like to see us teach, email


Menstrual Cycle

A workshop to explore what happens in the brain & body throughout the menstrual cycle & ways you can support yourself in having the healthiest & most comfortable cycle possible. Physical and hormonal changes discussed, what is “normal,” as well as nutrition, lifestyle, & activities that can help you better support yourself all while drinking tea & doing some performance art. Really. Together we will work to make this subject fun & engaging as opposed to secretive & shameful. Bring questions!


Sexual Health

This workshop explores sexual health and well being including…safer sex practices, sexually transmitted infection prevention and treatment, who should get tested for STIs, when people should see their healthcare provider for routine screening exams (like a pap or pelvic) as well as for concerning symptoms, ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy, how to get access to healthcare no matter who you are, and ways to nurture true consent in intimate relationships.


Fertility Tracking - The Basics

Woul you like to better know how to concieve when you are ready? Or know when you are ovulating to help avoid getting pregnant? This workshop covers the basics of beginning to track your cycles and fertility. We will discuss basal body temperatre, cervical mucus, cervial position and openness, ovulation predictor tests, fertility lens, mood changes and more.

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