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Home Birth Supplies

We ask that our clients gather the following supplies and have them ready before 36 weeks. It is best to clearly label these supplies and put them all in one place such as a closet, basket or a plastic bin. Most of these items can be gathered from the home or borrowed. You may need to buy some, so please tell your midwife if this is a financial hardship.

  • a list posted near the door with your name, address and phone number & your midwife's name

  • 8 clean towels and 5 clean washcloths (more towels are better if you plan on birthing in water)

  • clean newborn clothing and newborn diapers

  • an extra set of clean bedsheets and pillowcases that you do not mind getting stained

  • a waterproof mattress cover or plastic shower curtain

  • a large (32 ounces) bottle of hydrogen peroxide

  • ​two (2) large kitchen garbage bags

  • two (2) paper grocery bags

  • laundry soap

  • a large package of overnights maxi-pads or abundant cloth pads for postpartum bleeding

  • labor and postpartum food for you and your family (high energy snack items, quick but healthy foods)

  • electrolyte drinks or powders (honey, gatorade, powerade, smart water, recharge, salty lemonade with honey, etc)

  • ​bendy straws (just a few)

  • a large metal or plastic bowl (for placenta)

  • two (2) one gallon size freezer bags (for placenta)

  • a small unopened bottle olive, almond, or coconut oil (for perineal massage, doppler, baby)

  • a large unopened fish net (for scooping things out of birth tub) - this is often the hardest item to find, try online, pet food stores, dollar stores

Your birth kit (similar to the one pictured above) will be provided to you if you are a client of a Midwife's Kaleidoscope. We will bring this to you at your birthing time so no need to order one.

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