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Birth Story - Mario

Mario is the father to Abram and the husband to Leah, whose birth story can be found here.

A husband's first instinct is always to provide a safe environment for his wife and children. I felt that having our kids in a hospital was just that, a safe place with the peace of mind. After our second son, I realized that I was not providing this to my wife at all. My wife kept having horrible experiences at the hospital with midwives. There was always so much confusion and different midwives with every prenatal appointments we had. We would hear each midwife tells us different things. No one ever asked us or even bother following our birthing plan. Even though the hospital and midwifed were not the same place that even made things harder since we had to talk to the hospital staff and our midwife. Each one trying to tell us what to do and not do, this made the labor more frustrating than exciting. Once we gave birth to our child we were relieved to know that we no longer had to deal with the staff and midwives but I was wrong because throughout the day and night they bothered us with questions and suggestions. This is when I knew something had to change.

never imagined myself having a baby at home. I figure with all of the technology and medicines we have there was no need to have a home birth. My family was completely against it and thought we were crazy for even considering it. After much research and consideration I felt that this was something worth talking to a midwife about. We made an appointment with Sarah Butterfly, first of all she said all of the appointments were going to be at my house. It doesn't get better than that but I still wasn't convinced. After our first appointment with Sarah and finding out about her background and knowing that she was someone very passionate and intelligent about home births I knew my wife was in good hands. Sarah was able to give me a peace of mind about having a homebirth from the knowledge she brings to the medical equipment they have to have on hand to prepare themselves for situations that comes up. She always made sure we were comfortable around her and she was so easy to talk to not like the doctors in their office who make you feel silly for asking all sorts of questions.

The day finally came when we had to call Sarah in to come to our home because my wife would be giving birth. Knowing that my wife has fast labors she knew that she had to rush here, and she did just that. She showed up very fast and got right to work. She was prepping everything and being fully aware of the laboring that was happening. She understood that we wanted our space and wanted to just enjoy birthing at home. She was very calm and just ready to jump in the minute we needed her. She followed our birthing plan from beginning to end. She walked us through the process even though this was our third child and just made things so simple and comforting. We gave birth to a handsome boy, we were also in the comfort of our own home. No one to bother us or come check on us during the night every 2hrs. Sarah made herself available 24/7 if we needed her which was completely relieving. Sarah was not only our midwife but was now a part of a chapter in our lives that we will never forget about. I look forward to having another home birth experience with Sarah.

[Hey Mario, thanks for the shout out. It was a pleasure to work with your family! ~Sarah]

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